You Might Be Canadian If…


Let’s enjoy  the beautiful Fall weather while it lasts. I just came back from running around town doing errands in my flip-flop sandals when the radio announcer said ” it is time to put the flip-flops away”.

NO! I refuse! Too soon we will be back to Winter. Beside which, we have not even had a flake of snow yet. I will take that as my cue and only that – snow that accumulates, staying put on the ground.

On that note, here are a few “You might be Canadian if…” sayings I wrote:

You might be Canadian if you wear flip-flops after the first snowfall.

You might be Canadian if you have ever backed out of your driveway with your neon orange extension cord still plugged into your vehicle.

You might be Canadian if you take your kids out to DQ for ice cream cones after their school Christmas concert.

You might be Canadian if you can jump right into your yoga pants / top that have been sitting in minus 25 degree Celsius vehicle all day.

BRRRRR! Let’s not even go there yet!