More from the grocery store…

Okay, so last post I promised more thoughts from the grocery store. Lots of life has happened since then. Admittedly there are other things I’d rather blog about now, so I need to make a note to self for the future. “Don’t promise the next blog topic ahead of time.” I should know better. I am way too random-abstract to be making such commitments.

Anyway, back to the grocery store. After leaving the two lovebirds behind me at the check-out, I continued my zombie-like walk out to my vehicle continuing to have random thoughts about grocery shopping. It occurred to me that it is ridiculous to spend money on groceries, spend time preparing meals and eating them, only to turn around and spend money and time on exercising to get rid of the calories you just spent time and money on. Yes, I know we need to have a certain number of calories each day in order to be healthy but seriously we could get those from chowing down a few simple, uncooked foods each day.

Then I remembered a youtube video my kids had shown me from MAD TV. One of those ” it would be funny , if it were not so true” satires. Here’s the link to the 2 minute video “Eat Less, Move More”:

Simple right?

The only thing more simple would be if I were Oprah. If I were Oprah, I would have people to go out to the markets for me to gather the freshest foods, a personal chef to prepare low-calorie delicious meals, and I would have other staff to do all the other things I did not want to do thus freeing up my time to exercise. Hmm, only one flaw in this fantasy, Oprah is still heavier than me. I guess I will just have to eat less, move more.


Thoughts from 5314th trip to the grocery store…


As I pushed my cart down the aisle in a near Zombie trance, I noticed a young, recently engaged couple, friends of my children, who have recently moved in together.  They did not see me as I was quite far down an aisle.  They were looking at items in a feature area away from the main aisles. I could see them smiling, touching, talking, laughing, in love.

Seeing their obvious pleasure in each others company even while doing the tedious task of grocery shopping gave me momentary delight. To be young, in love, learning about what your partner likes, maybe deciding on gourmet meals to cook together, it appeared they were enjoying every minute of it.

Their joy had jolted me out of my trance to a place of cognitive thought. When did I stop loving visits to the grocery store? Did I ever love it?

Maybe I thought it was exciting when I first moved out on my own to attend university, living in an apartment with a friend. Finally independent, having the choice of what to buy and cook might have been fun, though I don’t recall it being so.

We had to take the bus to the Safeway store several blocks away because neither of us had a vehicle. No, I don’t think I loved it even then. We were on a budget, so bought lots of tuna, wieners, ground beef, pasta, and cheaper produce. Plus we had to juggle our full bags on and off the bus, always hoping they would not split open allowing our apples to roll down the aisle, or the sidewalk.

Grocery shopping was definitely not the highlight of my life back then, it isn’t now. I paused to realize I had been shopping for groceries for over thirty years. No wonder it felt like such drudgery. With an average of three visits per week being a conservative estimate (admittedly I have never been a seven day meal planner) I had been grocery shopping well over 5000 times!

About the time I finished that thought, I was next to the young couple. Spotting me, we exchanged greetings. I blurted out, “Looks like you two are having fun shopping together. Enjoy it. After you have been buying groceries for thirty years it is not so much fun anymore.”

They simply smiled in response, romantic love blinding them to my cynicism. I was grateful for that. Let them have their ignorant bliss. Time goes too quickly, before they know it they will be on their 5314th trip to the grocery store too.

(Coming soon…..more thoughts from the grocery store, including “If I was Oprah….”)