Postcard Art Experiment!

After being in a creative funk for several weeks, today I remembered just the right size project to ease me back into the creative world.

Several weeks ago, I discovered a blog here at WordPress that belongs to a lady, Katerina,  in the Netherlands who has a visual art experiment underway. I was intrigued. I contacted her right away to become a tiny part of  “Receive, Create, Combine”.

You can read about this unique project on her blog:

I received a set of 9 postcard size pieces of art in the mail, that had been started by 1-3 other individuals thus far. A card is complete when 8 people have added to it.

Here is what the set of cards looked like upon receiving:


(All of the above cards above are as I received them, except for the pink one in the bottom left corner. I did add the eyes / nose to that one before I remembered to take before / after photos of the cards.)

And, here is what they look like after my additions:


Looking forward to seeing the cards once the remainder of the “artists” have added their personal touches.

Thanks Katerina for the “spark” I needed!