Time to share some whine. Cheers!

I know I have been away from my blog too long because I forgot my password. As my friend Melissa would say, “that is tragic”. I would like to lead you to believe I was MIA, off on some wonderful adventure. The reality is neither fun nor glamorous. I was simply sick for a week with a summer cold of the head stuffy, sneezy nose, chest congestion and cough variety following that exact sequence over the course of a week.

Following the cold virus I plummeted head first into a creative funk. I have had no desire to paint, write, or even think a single creative, original thought of my own for the last two to three weeks. The good news is I did summon enough energy to engage in a bit of a reading marathon as several books I ordered via Inter-Library Loan through the local library all arrived at the same time.

One of the books I read was “Everything Is Perfect When You Are a Liar” by Kelly Oxford. The book was welcome comedic relief in the midst of the other heavier reading I was devouring that week. I appreciated Oxford’s sarcastic storytelling. It reminded me how much fun it is to write short memoir type stories in a smart-ass, sarcastic style.  So stay tuned. You will know I am out of my post-viral funk when I get my sense of humor back. Until then, please indulge me a little whine. Cheers!