It’s REAL! My first exhibit / publication!

013002Ventured to Edmonton with one of my sons on Thursday evening to attend the opening reception of the InSight 2 – Engaging the Health Humanities International Exhibition. So exciting to see my paintings and poems displayed alongside so many other intriguing exhibits by talented artists and health professionals.

When we first arrived, we wandered though the UofA (Fine Arts Building) FAB Gallery viewing all the work, but admittedly my eye was on the look out for my exhibit. I was a little panicked when I thought we’d been through it all and I could not find my paintings / poems, then I remembered we had not been to the very first area near the entrance…..sure enough they they were! Whew. For a minute or two I did think it really all had been just a dream!

I was also thrilled to read some of the same thoughts I had expressed in my initial submission, and 150 word “abstract” about my exhibit, being expressed in the keynote speaker, Dr. Alan Bleakley’s introduction in the publication that is also part of this exhibition / symposium. As an advocate of the health humanities / arts and medicine working hand-in-hand, he readily acknowledges that there can be “well-being without being well.”

I was so grateful to be able to attend the reception to see my “Blue-Green Elixir” up on the FAB 011012Gallery wall, being visited by fellow artists, writers, doctors, health professionals, students, and the public at large. Thank you so much to Graeme for ensuring I made it to the reception, and Shannon who was very much with me in spirit every step of the way! Love you both for knowing how important this was to me, without me having to tell you!

4 thoughts on “It’s REAL! My first exhibit / publication!

  1. Oh my gosh. I remember when you went to the classes and just knew you had no talent but wanted to express yourself. Look where you are now girl!!! I am so proud of you. I just want to hug you. You are in the big leagues now and will forever have to hold up your pinky finger. I am so proud of you!!! Way to go!!!


  2. Oh boy can’t believe I missed this and the pictures too! Love the dress! Wish I had seen you in it in person! You did a great job in assembling this page. I have to get rich and hire you for myself! But I fear I am in a three way race with you and Greg. And if either of you beat me then I will be SOL! I’d have to settle for Denis. He’d be a great manager, personal assistant in some ways but no where near as much fun as you!


    • Thank you for the compliments Shannon. I think the dress I wore is kind of a work of art in itself, so thought it was appropriate to wear to the gallery. It looks like a fabulous painting I’d love to hang on my wall. Unfortunately while we were walking the block or so from our parking spot we were caught in a wind storm, so there went my “hairdo”. lol (And, yes, please do get rich so you can hire me! )


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