007Just over fourteen years ago I met a kindred spirit, my dear friend Shannon. We met while working for a family services organization. Little did we know at the time, we would become very close friends sharing an intense common passion. Beside our friendship and mutual respect for each other, we discovered that we shared a love for writing.

Both Shannon and I resigned from our jobs on the same day in 2001, celebrating our final day of work together a few weeks later. Very shortly afterward she began writing her first novel, which ended up being a twelve year process, in between helping her husband with his business, having another child, and parenting responsibilities.  During this same time frame, I  ventured to the city to take the occasional writing workshop, dabbling with poetry and short stories.

Serendipity! Synchronicity! Within a few days of Shannon publishing her first book this Spring, the one she began so many years earlier, I discovered that for the first time ever I would have poems/ paintings exhibited, as well as a short creative non-fiction piece published in an anthology. I don’t think you could find two friends more ecstatic for each other. We never imagined we would celebrate being published authors together!

In celebration of Shannon’s novel “Seascape”. I painted two abstract paintings for her – “Seascape” (above) and “Seascape II”.  One was a door prize at her book launch. I call it the “Pay It Forward Painting” because it was won by another friend of Shannon’s who worked diligently to prepare the launch party. The second painting is in Shannon’s office / writing room.

A few weeks back I mentioned that I would let you in on a secret about my paintings. The secret is: I paint them using my hands, not a brush!

If you would like to read more about Shannon Raelynn and her novel “Seascape”, a contemporary fiction novel visit: http://www.shannonraelynn.com

Shannon is now hard at work on her second novel….and no, this one will not take twelve years to write she assures us. I am working on gathering a bunch of poems I have written over the last few years to edit, and will continue to “fingerpaint”.  We will continue to celebrate together.014

10 thoughts on ““Seascape”

  1. Oh my dearest Suzanne. I received your gift of Shannon’s book in the mail today. I was so excited that I stopped what I was doing and sat in the sun for a while and began reading it. I find so many things that touch me about being in Canada and how I wish I could be wished away to the tropical seaside. I am very touched and thank both you and Shannon for sharing with me. I did not know that you fingerpainted, but I LOVE your work Suzanne. See how God works. I am waiting my turn to find or live my passion. Meanwhile, I will share in yours and be so very proud of you. Thanks you so much!


    • Dear Kenna – I so hoped you would be excited to receive the book. I certainly intended it to be a bit of an escape from reality for you, although I did think you would appreciate the main character’s work issues. I also thought Nicol might like to read it afterwards as well, as the single parent of a teenage girl! lol I was glad Shannon set the “hometown” part of the story in Alberta, although it is fun to read about the Bahamas too (and Shannon actually went there to ensure her details in story were accurate). Thank you so much for your kind words, and unending support of the various paths I have pursued throughout the years. I am so grateful. I do hope you find some minutes in the week….a few stolen moments, if you will, to dabble in some things you’d love to do too. I want you to be similarly blessed!


  2. What an amazing story Susy! Painting with your hands…fascinating!! I want to thank you also for the gift of Shannon’s book. I took it with me to a Dr’s appt yesterday and it saved my life…a VERY long wait to be seen with no good magazines to read; so glad I brought my book. I love it so far…and I really enjoy reading about the Alberta connection. I’ve never been to Alberta but I feel a connection through you…
    Congratulations to both of you, on your amazing friendship, and your kindred hearts through writing and painting!! I will be cheering you both on from Western Pennsylvania…awaiting Shannon’s next book and for more information on your hand-painting…like…have you always painted that way? Thank you Susy for reaching out to me through our common physical trials, I appreciate your support more than you know…Cheers to writing and painting, but most of all to the blessing of true friendship!!


    • Dearest Nancy, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad you had the book with you at the doc’s office for a diversion while waiting. I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and so hoped the book would be a distraction to you during your days of pain and not being well. I hope you feel better soon…..e-mail me when you have some news from your test results. As far as my painting with my hands….that is how the teacher taught us to paint at the workshop I took in the Fall, and I loved it….way more than with a brush…just love the closer connection to the canvas. (Do wear plastic gloves though as not to absorb paint through the skin.) I agree , cheers to painting, writing and most of all true friendship!
      P.S. I hope you are still writing poetry too!


    • Thank you so much for the compliments. I appreciate you following my blog and taking the time to view my work. Photography used to be “my thing”, but as my eyesight decreased and I needed glasses for “up-close” ( plus I never invested in a good quality digital camera once my regular camera became almost obsolete) I just moved away from it and into writing and painting instead.


  3. You really blew my mind when I learned of you painting with your fingers. After seeing a few pieces of your work and falling particularly in love with a couple it seems so much more personal to know your fingers were direct to the canvas. I’m looking forward to seeing your exhibit today!!!

    This certainly has been an interesting adventure with Shannon 🙂


    • Yes, a wonderful adventure!! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to go see my exhibit “live” and in-person!

      Rose-Marie taught us to paint using our hands at her workshop in the Fall. I do love using hands & fingers so much more than a brush! Do wear snug gloves though as you do not want acrylic paint directly on skin. I am looking forward to seeing what your family “paints up” for your living room!


  4. Wow Suzanne those are awesome! Who knew my old roommate had such talent! Congratulations on your show and your amazing success!


  5. Hi Sherry! Thank you for stopping by to check out my paintings / blog! LOL I took an art class first year at University and did some really awful paintings….probably why I did not touch a canvas again for about 30 years!


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