“Jinks & Japes” – No Substitutions Please!

My bite-size memoir for week two prompt “Jinks & Japes” from Lisa Reiter’s blog is “No Substitutions Please!”

For more info about her bite-size memoir project go to: http://sharingthestoryblog.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/bite-size-memoir-no-2-jinks-and-japes/

“No Substitutions Please!”

Although hot summer days were the best for mud cookie baking, they often presented another problem. Water was needed to mix with the dirt, and if it had not rained for awhile there were no puddles available to scoop water out of. My Dad had always strictly forbidden me to touch the outside tap.

I remember being faced with the no water predicament one day. I got the idea that we could pee into the bucket. We’d use pee to mix the cookies. My friends agreed this was a brilliant idea. We hid under the back stairs out of view to empty our bladders into the sand pail. Carrying the half filled pail carefully, we proudly headed to the road to mix in the dirt; then bake on the concrete sidewalk.

When our baking was done, the little brother of Rachelle crossed the street, helping himself to a cookie. “Delicious!”

9 thoughts on ““Jinks & Japes” – No Substitutions Please!

  1. I read the other blog memoir submissions, and what a thrill to see your name and country staring at me from the computer!!! You are popular everywhere! lol


    • Glad you stopped by to read my blog Sue and check out the other bite-size memoir on Lisa’s. It is fun to see where all the blog readers come from. I have been surprised – most of mine are in Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands and Mexico but I have some from Argentina, Croatia, I think about 35 different countries that I have at least one reader from!


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  3. Hi Suzanne – I thought I’d already popped by to thank you for this – it made me laugh out loud. I used to LOVE mud-pies – what is that all about? It seems so innate in small children – perhaps it’s ingrained in our psyche from days of building mud huts, when play was more directly related to learning?!
    Fascinating to see the countries that pop in on your blog too. I had hoped we might encourage a few with other climatic and cultural inputs. Even the very cold of North America to the very hot and dry of Australia is already coming through! Please send South America over (yoo-hoo!) – I may have once had a visitor from Brazil, but that’s it.
    I get different traffic profiles depending on the hashtags I use on Twitter. Anyway, thanks again for flirting with me!


  4. and by the looks of it, your cookie monster of way back when was not harmed by your “cooking”… he has developed into a fair sized very physically capable man! – too bad you clowns did not come up with some type of cure for an illness too! Dad


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