Mirror ball throwing shimmering pieces of light all over the old brick walls. Music echoing, bouncing against the brick, concrete floors and ceiling pipes. Strobe lights flashing bright streaks into the centre of the dance floor. Groups of sweet-sixteen girls, in white jeans and sleeveless t-shirts, dancing, doing the hustle to “Car Wash”. Boys with mullets or “fros”, and platform shoes watching from tiny tables scattered along the perimeter, between slipping outside to have a smoke and a boot-legged beer. This was as exotic an atmosphere as one could hope for in our small rural town on a frigid January night. Some teenage guy had an extensive record collection, a decent stereo system, a few Radio Shack gizmos, and enough cash to rent out the basement of the “Old Brick School” to fulfill his vision of “Saturday Night Fever” with a $3.00 admission we were only too willing to pay.


After a long summer hiatus I am back with another piece of bite-size memoir. (Memoir in a 150 word “bite”, no more, no less!)

If you would like to know more about the bite-size memoir project, or Lisa Reiter who initiated it, please check out her blog:


8 thoughts on “Disco!

  1. Just awesome! Awesome some more! So good to see you 🙂
    Loving a bit of a hustle before bed and growing up in an equally rural setting had little more in the way of Saturday night entertainment – bopping at the village hall in the bigger village 4 miles up the road. The challenge was getting a lift back from parents who would have rather gone to bed at 9:30..
    Thanks for getting in with this boogie number before we play again tomorrow!
    Great to see you, Lisa xx


  2. Thank you Lisa! Nice to see you too. 🙂
    Feels good to be back writing, even if only a bite for now!
    I guess I was lucky, we lived just a one long school yard and a block away from the “disco”, so parents could not use driving too late or snowy roads as an excuse to hold us back! lol
    Take care, Suzanne xox


  3. You’ve managed to bring me back in time again, Suzanne…and now I can’t get Dancing Queen out of my head!! It was a treat to check my email tonight and find a new “bite” from you 🙂

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