Bad news: we are all dying. Good news: we can still laugh.

We are all going to die. Some of us know when it will happen and some of us do not.

The doctor called with bad news today. The first thing I thought after gently setting the phone down on my desk was should I still order those new sandals on-line?

Summer weather is almost over where I live. I won’t have much time to wear them before the snowflakes fall. My husband is always astonished at how far I push the flip-flop season. As long as there has been no snowfall sticking to the sidewalks and grass I am likely to still slip on my flippies to at least go out in the yard, if not to town.

I wonder if it is worth spending money on something that I might not be around to wear next summer. I suspect this is a weird worry to have; maybe not, who knows? But the sandal concern reminds me of the other day in the car on the way to my doctor’s appointment the underwire in my most loved silver grey bra poked through. Oddly both sides simultaneously peeking up and out of the top of my tank top like two white antennae of some creature living nestled down between my boobs.

bra betrayal

As Mr. Wanton drove down the highway attentively I kept poking the wires back into place, but with the slightest movement of my body, out they would inch again.
“Screw it!” I said, and yanked them out completely.

Mr. Wanton, concentrating on driving as we entered the town limits, was unaware of my struggle until then. He glanced over at me but said nothing.

I held the two large “U” shaped white plastic coated wires up near the rear view mirror so Mr. Wanton could see them. Holding them in one hand, I twirled them around between my pointer finger and thumb.

“I think I could make something out of these. Like, maybe a mobile; see how easily they twirl. Wow, I sound like my Dad.”

I laughed.

Mr. Wanton said, “Yah, you do sound just like your Dad. Maybe give them to him to put in his garage.”

Now we both laughed.

I agreed. “Yah, Dad could add them to his collection of stuff he might need some day.” I took a long deep breath and sighed. “I guess I am going to the clinic floppy today.” I was somewhat confident the doctor might see worse things during his day than me hanging low.

Mr. Wanton, eyes on the road, was oblivious to my level of distress.

I’m sure no one will notice.” he said.

As we continued down the road I remember saying: “I guess I will need a new bra”.

And now I wonder, will I?

And that’s the thing when you get seriously bad medical news with no specific deadline, just vague inclination of impending doom…do you buy the one season shoes?

I didn’t buy the sandals, but I have splurged on a fabulous, lacy, deep raspberry fuchsia pink underwire bra made in France. I hope I get to wear it until the fabric is worn thin and the wire antennae poke up from my cleavage once again.

P.S. Since I posted this, people I love (and who obviously love me) have been sending me messages of concern. No need. I have no idea what is going on medically really, no specifics yet, other than the docs are concerned because I have connective tissue diseases and some preliminary testing points to those illnesses now affecting my heart and lungs. With miracles of modern medicine I hope to be out in the grass in my barefeet and flippies next season, and several to come! 

But seriously folks, no guarantees in life except it will end. What sparked this post is that I was thinking how I much rather it would be later, than sooner.

20 thoughts on “Bad news: we are all dying. Good news: we can still laugh.

  1. Oh phew Sus! You really had me scared!!
    I’m so glad you’re still here too… I hate many things about getting old, w all my ailments, aches and pains. But then all I have to do to cheer myself up is think about the look on Eli’s face when he’s running to me! Melts my heart!

    Love the new bra!! You crack me up about the wires!!
    I’ve had them poke out too, and they hurt!
    If there was ever a club for women who are able to whip their bras off in a snap, without taking any clothing off, I’d be proud to be voted President!! It’s quite an achievement!
    And all the places I’ve done it too w no one even noticing. My husband has said “How DO you do that?!!” But girls don’t tell so I just smile smugly…
    of all the things he brags about that he can do,
    mine tops them all!!

    Wear your flip flops as long as you like, just so you stay here, Susy~Q!! ❤️

    on Eli’s face when he comes running to me!! Melts my heart.

    If there was ever a Bra Club for women who can whip their bras off in a flash, without taking any clothing off, and all the diff places we’ve done it, I’d love to be President!!
    It’s quite an achievement. An old boyfriend and my husband have said “How DO you do that?!”
    But girls don’t tell, so I just smile, proud to be one in a crowd who can!
    You cracked me up! I also have had the darned wires sticking out, try to put them in hoping no one was looking.. they’re painful!

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  2. Congrats on your special achievement Nancy! 😀 Google: “memes bra” some day when you have nothing better to do….with your special talent you will appreciate some of them. Thanks for stopping by to read my post. Be well my dear friend!


    • I am praying for you Susan-We can never give up! I am a Sjogrens Warrior, with lots of other problems associated with this ugly disease. God Bless you-Love and hugs- Lisa Kirby! You are an inspiration!

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      • Thank you for stopping by to read my blog and also for your kind words, and prayers, I appreciate it. I agree, us Sjogren’s Warriors must never give up and I value the support and friendship of every single one I meet. I am sorry to hear you have Sjogren’s too, and especially complications from it – it can be much more nasty than people realize and more complicated. 😦 May God bless you with improved health and continued courage to deal with your health issues. Please take care! xoxox


  3. Suzanne, loved this blog because laughter makes living more pleasant… Not knowing too much about Bra wires… are they strong enough to bend into a hanger that might be useful??? if so, I would be pleased to add them to my collection of “garage treasures”… I inherited that quirk from my Dad… never know when I might need this… why just yesterday used a part of an old ball-point spring to fix the wings on one off your Mom’s angels… it is now as good as new! To the more serious issue of living… speaking for myself, I believe that looking ahead is quite healthy… to quit doing many things because one fears death is one of the most useless things one can do… for example in my case to stay home because I might die if I go on a trip of some kind is totally ludicrous!!! so I best do something about it! Just like you must get those new flip-flops with the goal of wearing them out!!
    By the way are there any go pieces that might be saved from your old flip-flops… leather washers are easy to fashion out of old footwear or leather belts! Just saying!
    Know you arealways in my heart Suzanne, Dad

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    • Dad, tragically the underwire was put into the trash. hahaha And my old flipflops and leather sandals are still good so you won’t be getting those either! 😉 And yes I too believe, if you are still healthy enough and have the means and desire to travel, then one definitely should. I actually started a draft of a poem on that topic the other day, it is for a poetry book I am working on.

      Thank you for your enduring love and support,

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  4. I’m a new reader (but an old writer… ok, middle-aged writer) with Sjögren’s, and you really did make me laugh out loud with this piece! Thanks for the chuckle – it was a nice minute of being a woman alive!

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    • Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog – I love new readers and middle-aged writers – some of my very favourite people! 🙂 Sorry to hear you too have Sjogren’s, it can be quite the beast. Hope you are well for the most part. I wish you all the best, especially good health. xoxo


  5. Wow, my friend…you never cease to amaze and inspire me! The depth of your sharing/writing makes some pieces tough to read for those of us who’ve loved you for decades and care so much about your wellbeing. Thank goodness for your incredible sense of humor…it’s the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down! Please keep buying flip-flops and fancy bras – I believe you will need many more. You truly are a warrior…never forget that you’ve got an army of supporters behind you! Always in my prayers xo

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    • Michelle,
      Yes, I understand why some of my posts might be difficult for you to read, likewise for other people who know me well……I was really thinking about putting a warning on the top of this post because I thought it might bother some readers. But then I just posted it; then I received some very concerned messages from a few people so that’s why I added the P.S. later.

      When I decided to start the blog I wanted to ensure I wrote with my authentic voice, and what is interesting is the posts that come from the deepest parts of me are the ones readers have responded to the most. Though they may be difficult to write sometimes, or difficult for loved ones to read, the authenticity is important to me.

      Thank you for your prayers, your support, your love – it has always been there for me and I appreciate it immensely. Love you my forever and ever, longest friend. xoxox


  6. There is never anything clever or funny to say when someone is contemplating their own demise. The older I get the more I contemplate. You are right — none of us know when our chit will fall from our ballot. Until then, buy red bras, sparkly sweaters, and anything that makes you feel good. Love to you.


  7. Get the bloody sandles and turn the heating up! If they’re as good as that bra, it’ll be worth it!
    I am soooo behind the curve and totally off the blogging scene but for some reason decided YOU were the one to check up on today. Sending much love and all the positive vibes I can muster. As ever your words are golden xx


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