Book Club Tonight!

I don’t get out much. People often use that expression in a cliché sort of way, but for me, it is a reality. Unless you call wandering around my yard, looking up at the sky daydreaming and occasionally having poetic inspiration hit me between the eyes “getting out”, I don’t get out much. So it is with much anticipation I look forward to the monthly book club gathering at our local public library.

Library book club is perfect for people like me who have limited energy to be hosting guests at home, yet enjoy socializing. It combines two of my greatest loves – reading and socializing – into one enjoyable evening. I highly recommend it.

“Top 10” list of why I love book club:

  1. I read books that I never otherwise would choose to read on my own. Each year members submit a list of books they recommend, then the library programmer / book club facilitator selects one per month for the upcoming year. The list is always an eclectic collection across all genres.
  2. Just as I read books I would not have ever read, I have met interesting people I surely would never have run in to otherwise; our paths just never would have crossed.
  3. We are a diverse group ranging in age from about 25 to 75, from all types of backgrounds culturally, socio-economically, educationally, and so on, which makes for interesting and enlightening discussion.
  4. Every person brings a unique perspective to the reading of the story, so it often amazes me what another individual gleans from a story / character that I may have missed entirely.
  5. Whomever has their book chosen for that particular month brings a snack, so everyone takes a turn being “hostess”, without having anyone in to their home. No fuss, no muss.
  6. It is affordable to anyone; all you need is a library card. Once a member, the books are ordered for you automatically. You receive an e-mail when your book for the month is ready for pick-up.
  7. As a dabbling writer, I consider book club professional development. Not just the reading of another writer’s work, but also the varied reader’s responses to those words.
  8. I love discussion, even a good argument on occasion within respectful limits. The structure of the evening allows for every reader to express their opinions. I appreciate the honesty of the members.
  9. I enjoy watching people come to book club as “reluctant” or “retired” readers get excited about books again, and develop a sense of belonging to their new “tribe”. It’s fun to be shopping and have someone wave from across the store at me and holler “Hi!”, then I hear them tell their shopping partner excitedly, “I know her from book club!”
  10.  Last, but definitely not least….author visits! Need I say more; nothing like hearing about a book directly from the person that wrote it. We have had local authors visit, Skype visit with a New York Times Bestselling author, award winning Canadian authors, even an author who has sold millions of books world-wide has visited our little library. Most, if not all, have complimented our group on the level of interest and questions about their work.Author Photo for back cover008Photo above from Shannon Raelynn author visit. Visit:


“Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys”

Book Review:

ndrichman cover

“Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys” by N.D. Richman

Although I gave this book a 5 star rating overall on “Goodreads” because it is a fun and entertaining read for pre-teens to young teens, there were two things about the book that I did not like.

Unfortunately I fear the audience for which the book was intended may not ever choose the book because of its cover. I actually love the cover design / photo however it is not appropriate nor appealing to middle school students. It should have a photo of a jet boat flying over a waterfall with a helicopter hovering overhead, a grizzly bear lurking nearby, or similar scene reflecting the action and adventure prevalent in the story.

The other downfall to the book was the first chapter. I found it too jam-packed with information. So much so, it was almost confusing to the reader.

However if you can get past the inappropriate cover, and confusing first chapter, you will be in for a treat! You will discover a well-written, action packed story by a debut author who knows his audience extremely well.

I noted that another reviewer said there was too much action, it wasn’t realistic, there were fart jokes…you bet there is! And I can also tell you that is exactly what pre-teen kids will love about this story, especially reluctant readers who need their own brand of humor, and  quick story pace, to keep their interest.

Well done N.D. Richman for crafting a story sure to be loved by young readers, as well as those of us who are still young at heart!

(Book may be purchased in e-book format from most digital retailers for Sony, Kobo, Kindle etc., and in hard copy from Amazon. To learn more go to: )

Time to share some whine. Cheers!

I know I have been away from my blog too long because I forgot my password. As my friend Melissa would say, “that is tragic”. I would like to lead you to believe I was MIA, off on some wonderful adventure. The reality is neither fun nor glamorous. I was simply sick for a week with a summer cold of the head stuffy, sneezy nose, chest congestion and cough variety following that exact sequence over the course of a week.

Following the cold virus I plummeted head first into a creative funk. I have had no desire to paint, write, or even think a single creative, original thought of my own for the last two to three weeks. The good news is I did summon enough energy to engage in a bit of a reading marathon as several books I ordered via Inter-Library Loan through the local library all arrived at the same time.

One of the books I read was “Everything Is Perfect When You Are a Liar” by Kelly Oxford. The book was welcome comedic relief in the midst of the other heavier reading I was devouring that week. I appreciated Oxford’s sarcastic storytelling. It reminded me how much fun it is to write short memoir type stories in a smart-ass, sarcastic style.  So stay tuned. You will know I am out of my post-viral funk when I get my sense of humor back. Until then, please indulge me a little whine. Cheers!

I wanted to read your blog, but…

I recently “attended” a webinar about music websites. Tonight as I ventured around wordpress exploring blogs that were recommended to me, as well as numerous other blogs (you know how one leads to another, then another), I realized I have two recommendations about the actual blog sites. These two things were brought up at the music website webinar; I noticed the same definitely applies for blog sites:

* Do not use white text and / or elaborate fonts on a black or other dark color background as it is way too hard on the eyes. There was one blog tonight that could have had fabulous content but I will never know because I could not stand to read more than 2 sentences on the page. 😦

* Be sure readers can find your “follow” or sign up for e-mail notice button easily. I actually searched for minutes and never did find one on a couple blogs. 😦

I feel bad for these bloggers. Great writing could be missed out on, due to simple readability and accessibility issues. Make it easy for us, we don’t want to miss out on your great content!