“Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys”

Book Review:

ndrichman cover

“Brothers, Bullies, and Bad Guys” by N.D. Richman

Although I gave this book a 5 star rating overall on “Goodreads” because it is a fun and entertaining read for pre-teens to young teens, there were two things about the book that I did not like.

Unfortunately I fear the audience for which the book was intended may not ever choose the book because of its cover. I actually love the cover design / photo however it is not appropriate nor appealing to middle school students. It should have a photo of a jet boat flying over a waterfall with a helicopter hovering overhead, a grizzly bear lurking nearby, or similar scene reflecting the action and adventure prevalent in the story.

The other downfall to the book was the first chapter. I found it too jam-packed with information. So much so, it was almost confusing to the reader.

However if you can get past the inappropriate cover, and confusing first chapter, you will be in for a treat! You will discover a well-written, action packed story by a debut author who knows his audience extremely well.

I noted that another reviewer said there was too much action, it wasn’t realistic, there were fart jokes…you bet there is! And I can also tell you that is exactly what pre-teen kids will love about this story, especially reluctant readers who need their own brand of humor, and  quick story pace, to keep their interest.

Well done N.D. Richman for crafting a story sure to be loved by young readers, as well as those of us who are still young at heart!

(Book may be purchased in e-book format from most digital retailers for Sony, Kobo, Kindle etc., and in hard copy from Amazon. To learn more go to: http://www.ndrichman.com )

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