“Blue-Green Elixir” at InSight2 starting May 14, 2013!

 I am excited to announce, starting tomorrow I will have an exhibit of 4 poems and 4 abstract paintings in the “InSight2 – Engaging the Health Humanities” exhibit at the University of Alberta FAB (Fine Arts Building) Gallery in Edmonton. InSight2_Invite_digitalThe gallery is closed Sunday / Monday / Holidays and open Tuesday to Friday 10-5 and Saturdays 2-5. This is the first ever exhibit and publication of my work. I am happy to share with you the following abstract describing my work:

“Blue-Green Elixir”   It is my aim to express creatively my experiences, thus making tangible through artistic expression my emotions, thoughts, and memories involving illness. The work is a sampling of documentation of my search for “well-being”, when “being well” is not an expected outcome. In addition to the insight producing the art has provided me, it is my desire that it may also provide the community at large, other patients, and especially health professionals, with insight and understanding of what one patient may experience during their medical journey.  Improved mental well-being throughout the course of incurable, chronic illnesses has become viable for me because of my engagement in artistic endeavors. Hopefully my positive experience will resonate with other patients, and also encourage health professionals, if not to “prescribe” at least perhaps to “advise” their patients of the possibilities of art and medicine working hand in hand.



10 thoughts on ““Blue-Green Elixir” at InSight2 starting May 14, 2013!

  1. I am so excited for you. I always wanted to do something like this but felt it would be “just one more thing I had to do”. Good for you!


    • Thank you Kenna. I had writing and painting on my “list” for a very long time. Eventually I realized if I really wanted to do it, I was going to just have to do it. If I was waiting for the ideal time it might never happen. I was possibly never going to have the opportunity to go away on a retreat and seclude myself to indulge in these artistic desires, or to do them full-time at home. I try and find little snippets of time to write. I actually painted one of the paintings in the “Blue-Green Elixir” exhibit in my kitchen while I was cooking supper for my family. I encourage you if you’d like to write or paint or whatever, schedule in a few minutes and just have at ‘er!


  2. I have seen the paintings, I have read and heard the poetry, but I simply can not wait to take it all in person, and celebrate this achievement with you! I am so proud of you.

    May all your wishes and dreams for yourself come true. May more than you dream for yourself also come to pass! Love you!


    • Thank you so much Shannon. I can only hope you know what an inspiration you have been to me as you have made your first writing / publishing dreams come true. Looking forward to us celebrating “Blue Green Elixir” together! Love you too!


  3. Definitely the best “finger art” we have ever seen…and wonderful,soul-touching poetry as well…WOW!!! We are so impressed and proud of your great creative talents Suzanne !Congratulations ! We look forward to many more wonderful “events”, art works,publications of your poetry and prose , etc. Love and best wishes forever. Aunt Pauline & Uncle Wilf .


    • So glad you were able to go see InSight2, and that you enjoyed my “Blue-Green Elixir”! Thank you so much for the compliments – very meaningful to me that people are appreciating what I have to say. Love you too! Suzanne


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