“wanton not wonton”

Deciding upon a name for my blog was not as simple as I expected. Every creative name I could think of turned out not to be unique, all being in use already. All the fun cliche titles were also taken including coloring outside the lines, painting without numbers, writing between the lines, driven to abstraction, etc. Finally I decided upon “word flirt” only to find out a writer had it copyrighted as her business name. So I decided to add “wanton” in front of word flirt to make it my title; simple yet creative. So I hoped.

Wanton: playful, frolicsome, undisciplined, unrestrained, excessive, overabundant

Upon telling someone I had started a new blog called “Wanton Word Flirt”, they said: “Wonton? What do wontons have to do with writing?” <SIGH>

Wonton: A noodle-dough dumpling filled with spiced minced pork or other meats, usually boiled in soup, or fried and served as a side dish.

“Wanton” , I replied, “W-A-N-T-O-N not Wonton!”

Don’t get me wrong , I love wontons more than anyone. It might be a good fit for my title if I were Asian, but as you can see from my photo, I am not. Not even a little bit. Although the owner of my favourite Chinese restaurant does greet me with a warm “Hello Mrs. Woo” upon my arrival.



6 thoughts on ““wanton not wonton”

  1. Reblogged this on Shannon Raelynn and commented:
    Writing can be a very solitary profession but some of us are lucky enough to develop fellowship and friendships with like-minded people. Over a decade ago I met and worked with a great woman who became one of the dearest friends I have ever had. The job ended but we found out we had a shared interest in writing. Our friendship deepened as we began to explore creative writing together. It took us a few years but we achieved our first significant written achievements within weeks of each other. I am excited that she has begun blogging because her writing deserves to be read!


  2. Humm, your definition of wanton and mine are quite different. The first thing that came to mind (sorry to say) was wanton hussey. LOL Now this can’t be confused with wonton as in soup.
    (of a cruel or violent action) Deliberate and unprovoked.
    A sexually immodest or promiscuous woman.
    Play; frolic.
    gambol – play


  3. LOL No need to be sorry! I was aware of the wanton hussy expression / definition, but to be honest at this point in my life being thought of as “one of those women” is the least of my concerns! 😀 I dare say I will not be cruel or violent in my actions nor my words, but I may throw out words deliberately and unprovoked. Being sexually playful or immodest is not necessarily a bad thing either. 😉


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