No Champagne, No Cake…

Wanton Word Flirt is celebrating its first anniversary. Flinging myself into the blogosphere with few expectations and little foresight, here are a few random thoughts on the first year:

No champagne, no birthday cake… just wishes to write more wantonly. My writing has been “careful, safe, nice”. That was not my original intent. I want to laugh louder, cry harder, be more reckless if and when I want to be.

Opening my blog today I found a birthday gift of 100 followers. I am grateful for those who have been reading my words. You are from 52 different countries all over the world including Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Fiji and more. Thank you all for visiting, reading, commenting, sharing, and inspiring.

Learning the technical aspects  of having a blog will be a work in progress. I do love my new look though!

Although I would write whether I blog or not, being part of a seemingly endless community of bloggers, poets, fiction writers, memoirists, and readers across the world is an invigorating experience for a writer.

I have discovered that kindred spirits, serendipity, and synergy abound; all I have to do is put my writing out in the world.




5 thoughts on “No Champagne, No Cake…

  1. Congrats! I too love the new look. I also want to not “play it so safe” all of the time but I think it is just who I am. Keep writing, I love reading your thoughts.


  2. Happy Birthday to my favorite Flirt!! The new look is great…I’m loving your blog…and I hope we can get together this summer for some champagne and cake (or a suitable variation 😉


  3. Happy first birthday Suzanne, If I ever get caught up with the little projects that I’ve gotten mixed up with… I will get you to help me get going with a blog too… I enjoy reading yours (and I say this without any bias) and the response you get from those who read you! Then of course on July 3rd we must celebrate that other special event! Love, Dad


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