Once in a Lifetime!

Four 14 year old girls dropped off on their own with an old green canvas tent at a campground thirty miles from home for the weekend. What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently many things. According to my parents who absolutely forbade this camping excursion to happen unless they were to accompany us. My parents agreed they would park their RV several hundred feet away well out of sight.

Dropping us off, we excitedly set up the tent, threw our sleeping bags inside, and opened our cooler to have a wiener roast supper over the campfire. How cool were we?

Not as cool as at four a.m. when we woke in the pouring rain to discover we had set up the tent downhill from an incline, sleeping bag, and pyjamas soaked through.

To their credit my parents never came to rescue us. Forty years have passed; I never tented again, ever.



This was again a piece of bite-size memoir from Lisa Reiter’s prompts, read more about it here:


6 thoughts on “Once in a Lifetime!

  1. Thank you Suzanne. I love the dedication it must have taken to submit this. I’ve been having computer gremlins myself and ready to throw it right out along with the tent as well!

    Meanwhile, loving the new site and finding it easier to find my way around. Some themes we share without having noticed before (I am CRAP at detail!) – somehow we sense that across cyber-space, that ‘first-impression’ still an amazingly good assessment of someone. Hugs xx


  2. Your posting reminds me of 1960, when Mom and I went on a tenting holiday with Gran and Papa. Papa had borrowed a tent just like the one in your story. A few days into our trip we camped at the top of Logan Pass in Montana and it rained “cats and dogs”! The tent had leaks in it! Papa’s comment was:”What kind of a sob would lend a friend a tent that has holes in it?” The next night we stayed in a motel so everything we had could dry out. On that same trip we slept on air mattresses and a couple of nights we woke up and the mattress was deflated as I had not secured the plug properly after having blown it up by mouth… as we were too poor to have electronic or mechanical inflators… but we had fun regardless!


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